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Is It Real Or Is It Butt Juice

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Probably the most disgusting title I have thought of to date. It is a valid question though these days. I have a lot of friends who care a lot about GMOs, BPAs, RBIs, TKOs or whatever other scary things are out there. To an extent, I see their point. To a larger extent, I don’t care. I saw something on the other day about genetically modified things and how we have always been tinkering with genetics. It just comes out now because it is big corporations doing it instead of the Amish couple a few blocks over. While Mordecai is busy selectively breeding his pigs, the big corps are doing the same thing only in a test tube. That is probably where people get upset. Personally, I don’t see the outrage.

There is always something flying around on the interwebs about people upset that artificial flavoring is being made with some sort of animal secretion or another. So? It is still natural. What do people think that cavemen used to make their vanilla lattes in the dead of winter when vanilla beans were dormant? They didn’t have the wonderful chemicals that we have today. They had to use beetles and cockroaches and anal glands and bug poop and all these things from all those animals to make their paints, their spices, their recreational drugs. If you think that Peter Griffin was the first one to lick a toad to get stoned you are smoking crack. We usually find out about these things from people who have been doing them for a very long time. We just use technology to make it easier.

When you think about it, even anything man made is technically natural, depending on how “technical” you want to get about it. Everything is made from something. Something, is made from other things … and other things are made from stuff, which we all know is made from a basic atom. So, even if something is petroleum based, it is all natural right?

When it comes down to it, I think it is rather silly to stress over whether your Starbucks coffee has beetle blood in it or if your corn is resistant to the Borg. I agree that maybe we shouldn’t give babies a lot of chemicals in things but, we make more and more things “safer” and “healthier” but there are more and more children with allergies, and more and more people with gluten this and sensitive that.

Is it really worth the time and effort (and often times cost) to eat like a caveman or some other ridiculousness? Feel free to bring the “quality v. quantity” argument into it. I argue that if you are constantly worrying about what can kill you, you can’t enjoy living.

Once again I have successfully veered off of my title topic while still mentioning it briefly in the body of my missive. I hope you find my ideas  intriguing and wish to subscribe to my newsletter.



Legal Disclaimer: The opinions stated here are wholly uneducated and fully not researched by the author or anyone he relies on for information.


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