It Hurts To Be Healthy

As some of you know, if you actually pay attention to my ramblings, and have been reading for the last few months, I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Because of this, as with any condition that puts you at “high risk”, the Dr. starts having you do a bunch of preventative things that you or other healthy folks wouldn’t necessarily do. Most are the standard like flu shots, tetanus booster, making sure you go to the dentist and eye exams, etc. Others are not so standard like podiatrist exams, extra preventative meds and other vaccines. The one that I got yesterday was the pneumonia vaccine. Now, normally at 43 I wouldn’t need this necessarily but because of the diabetes, the Dr. said it was standard for me to get it. I said “ok”. Dumbest thing I did all day.

I am having a major gathering next weekend and I have about a million things to do to get ready. Among them are some very physical projects. I was not expecting that this shot, given in my left arm, would cause me so much pain that I would be up basically all night, and not be able to lift my arm at the shoulder.

I have had tetanus shots before and I know that you can get sore however, I have NEVER had anything that hurt this much short of breaking my ankle and leg a number of years back. I could NOT find a position to sleep in that did not cause excruciating pain. Once I found some position that I could relax enough, I would start to doze off and either I would roll a little or the wife would roll into my arm and it was all over. At one point I actually woke up screaming in pain. Maybe only moaning … but woke up noisily none the less. We had no pain killers upstairs and I couldn’t go downstairs because our lovely 3 yr old decided she wanted to sleep on our floor.

Fortunately, the pain lessened enough that at around 5 a.m. I finally was able to fall asleep … until 6:30 when above mentioned daughter decided to wake up. It is going to be a long day. We are going to my mom’s for her birthday this afternoon. The upside is that she has arthritis and some other issues (that is not the upside) and maybe I can score some of her killer pain drugs. Just don’t tell the DEA.

Bottom line, DON’T get the pneumonia vaccine if you are susceptible to those kinds of complications. I was a tad upset that the Dr. didn’t mention this possibility. At 3:30, since I was awake, I decided to look this up on line. It seems the only thing I could find about this vaccine is people who had extreme pain. Then I looked on WebMD and it seems it is only around 1% of people that get this much pain. Maybe that is why doc didn’t mention it. Still …

Anyhoo, time to go pop another hand full of Advil. Have a great weekend anyone! And if anyone wants to come mow my lawn … I got money …


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