So You Think You Can (sit through a) Dance (recital)

My niece is taking dance classes through her local park district. She has been doing it for a few years. Every year, they have a dance recital. Every year, we go. Every year, I applaud the loudest during the curtain call, because it is over.

Now, I know you are thinking that I am a horrible person. I am not. They are kids who like to dance and that is fine. I am just not into watching dance. I respect what good dancers can do, but even when the dancers are good, I don’t like watching dancing. If it is in a play or a movie then that is acceptable. I just don’t get dancing just to dance. I am not against it, it just isn’t my thing. That being said, I still support my niece and go to the recitals every year. This year however, I came to a frightening realization. I am going to end up being a horrible father.

I was sitting watching one of the dances about something dancing to some music, when I turned to my mother and asked “am I horrible for hoping Tori joins chess club?” Now, I know that she could do both, but out of anything that she can ever do with her life (all of which I would be proud of her for doing) the two things I would be sad (for myself) if she does is soccer and dance.

I really can’t stand soccer. I will leave it at that, and I just explained the whole dance thing. Both of those things I would have to go watch. Both of those things aren’t just something to watch, but from what I have gathered, at that level, they are things you are actually expected to be part of and participate. I just can’t. Baseball, theater, music, tennis, even horseback riding. I will go and deal with anything but those two. Like I said, I am a horrible father. Hopefully she will want to ice skate. I just can’t be a dance or soccer mom. That is all.


The publishers would like to clarify that the opinions of the author do not necessarily reflect those of the operators of this blog. The author is old, cranky and just plain not well in the head. Why do you think it is called voicesinmybrain after all. While we agree that all children’s recitals are painful to sit through, we would never think that of any of OUR children’s recitals as we love our children. The author apparently is a cold hearted ogre who could care less about shattering the dreams of young, developing psyches.


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