Please Read Carefully As Our Menu Has Changed

We are now serving nothing but Tofu. But seriously, I have noticed over the last oh, decade, that anytime you call a company that has voice prompt hell, that they ALL start off with “Please listen to the options carefully as our menu has changed.” This is true for companies that I have been calling for years. Their menu is either constantly changing or they just are too lazy to take it off.

“But we have to leave it on for that long in case it is a once every 3 years customer calling.”

Well if that is the case, then they probably wouldn’t remember what the old menu was anyway.


Yes, it is a little thing that annoys me. With every one of these types of posts, I realize I am more and more becoming the latent reincarnation of Andy Rooney. All I need are the eyebrows and the giant waddle and I think I am there.


On a side noteI didn’t even realize that I finally predicted a celeb death correctly … the actual year it happened! Wait, this would be my second. I think I got the Gibb prediction correct. Anyhoo, Senor Chavez kicked last month and I predicted it earlier. Of course that wasn’t going too far out on a limb but still. It’s the little victories.



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