Dead Fish … Smells Fishy

That is a headline that I would have had to put yesterday if I posted. I thought it would have been way to confusing to put up the celebrity death update on April Fool’s Day. Have you figured out the headline yet? It will be the headline again one day, without the smelling part. Anyhoo, other than LiLo’s fake pregnancy scare (I say scare because Snookie will be a better mother than Linds), it was a relatively quiet April 1st. I mention it because the following are all true stories. Any similarity to fake individuals, living or zombie, is purely coincidental.


Bonnie Franklin – 69 – Mom on One Day at a Time – March 1

Lilian Cahn – 89 – Co-founder of Coach, Inc – March 4

Dawn Clark Netsch – 86 – Illinois Politician – March 5

William Moody – 58 – Paul Bearer – March 5

Hugo Chavez – 58 – Venezuelan president – March 5

Alvin Lee – 68 – Guitarist Ten Years After – March 6

Clive Burr – 65 – Drummer Iron Maiden – March 12

Frank Thornton – 92 – Actor Are You Being Served? – March 16

Robert Zildjian – 89 – Cymbals guy – March 28

Richard Griffiths – 65 – Uncle Vernon Dursley in Harry Potter – March 28

Reid Flair – 25 – Wrestler and son of Ric Flair – March 29


Small list this month. I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the “less popular” deaths. Although, know this … Abe Vigoda lives. LONG LIVE SALVATORE FISH, KING OF THE WAPONIS!


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