Personalize Me

Mrs. Voices wants to get a personalized license plate. I want to get one. She can’t because she leases her car and apparently you can’t do that on a leased vehicle in Illinois. I haven’t gotten one because well, I drive a mini van and it is tough to come up with something that isn’t mini van, but not something that makes you look like a total douche.

What is a douche plate you ask? Well, there are plenty and I am sure you all have seen them. They are basically the plates that make you go “really?” I won’t even try to list them all because, well there are a lot. The most asinine plates however, are the ones that say the name of what you are driving. “MY BMW 5” or “ESCLDE 6”.


Thanks captain douchebag.

I mean, you are paying extra for these plates and all you can come up with is the type of car you are driving? The manufacturer already plastered that on the back of your car for you.  The worst part about these is that they have a number at the end. The number on the end makes them cheaper I think. If you are going to have a stupid plate, go all out and spend the douche dollars you have.

So, what are some of the stupidest, or best plates you have almost rear ended trying to read?




3 Responses to “Personalize Me”

  1. One of the best I ever saw was out at NIU. This guy had a truck with a plate that had BOSSK on it. Good Star War geek.

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