Drop ‘Em!

I blame this post on severe lack of sleep lately.

I have been wondering lately about something that is really bothering me lately. Not really bothering me I guess, more of a curiosity. And strangely it’s been lately. And it is odd … lately. How many more times can I say lately? It is men undoing their pants and almost dropping them all the way to the floor when using a urinal. The whole point of the urinal is so that you don’t have to do that. It’s not like I am looking at guys in the men’s room but, when you are standing there and someone drops trou next to you, you notice. Maybe zippers are becoming too expensive to put on pants.

Why is this necessary??

Why is this necessary??


2 Responses to “Drop ‘Em!”

  1. I saw a guy about a month ago at Chilis, with his pants down, and his palms on the wall above his head as though he were being arrested. What the frankentoast was that?

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