Celebrity Deaths In December – The End Of The World Came For Them

It is a new year but we can’t forget those that passed on the last month of last year. I will be getting my predictions up for next year, tomorrow at some point. I want to use up as many posting days as I can. I want it to look a little better this year than last. I kind of slacked off, much like the following celebs who slacked off in the living department in December. I figured since I was doing this list today, I would start watching The Walking Dead that I got as a Christmas gift. Haven’t watched it since it came on but … pretty good 2 episodes in. Anyhoo, here are some dead not walking so much.


Reinhold Weege – 62 – Television Writer; Barney Miller & Created Night Court – Dec. 1

Dave Brubeck – 91 – Jazz great – Dec. 5

William House – 89 – Developer of the cochlear implant – Dec. 7

Irene Hughes – 92 – Famous psychic – Dec. 7

Norman Joseph Woodland – 91 – Co-Creator of the bar code – Dec. 9

Jenni Rivera – 43 – Popular Mexican Singer – Dec. 9

Ravi Shankar – 92 – Indian musician – Dec. 11

Jack Klugman – 90 – Quincy – Dec. 24

Charles Durning – 89 – Actor – Dec. 24

Ray Collins – 73 – Singer: Mothers of invention – Dec. 24

Frank Calabrese Sr. 75 – Hitman – Dec. 25

Fontella Bass – 72 – American Singer – Dec. 26

Norman Schwarzkopf – 78 – Commander during Desert Storm – Dec. 27



One Response to “Celebrity Deaths In December – The End Of The World Came For Them”

  1. Oh, my gosh, QUINCY! My mom used to watch that show religiously, which meant I watched it! It’s funny, I always saw him close to my mom’s age, or just 10 years older. CRAP- he was 90? try 30 years older! Well, he lived a full life. Honestly, with all the aches and pains and mobility issues, does anyone want to live longer than 90?

    It’s nice to see most of this list they are older. It’s so tragic when they are young.


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