November Celebrity Deaths or HOW THE HELL IS SHE STILL ALIVE?!

Yes, that statement is about Zsa Zsa. Once more last month she has defied the odds and is still hanging in there. I am late again this month but, we have December to look forward to and then we will tally up the predictions and get the new ones for next year. Now that Alex is starting to get a little, or a LOT bigger, I might actually start getting things out on time and get a few more posts out there again. I will also be able to start paying a little closer attention ot the deaths and not have the small lists I have been putting out there.  So, let’s not allow these celebs to decay any longer than we need to shall we?


Stalking Cat – 54 – Man who made himself look like a cat – Nov. 5StalkingCat

Panbanisha – 26 – Some famous Ape – Nov. 6

Valerie Eliot – 86 – T.S. Eliot’s widow – Nov. 9

Art Ginsburg – 81 – Mr. Food – Nov. 21

Larry Hagman – 81 – Tony Nelson and J.R. Ewing – Nov. 23

Hector Camacho – 50 – Boxer – Nov. 24

Earl Carroll – 75 – Singer: The Coasters & Cadillacs – Nov. 25

Sol Weinstein – 84 – TV Writer: Three’s Company, Chico and the Man – Nov. 25

Zig Ziglar – 86 Author and motivational speaker – Nov. 28

Susan Luckey – 74 – Actress: Music Man & Carousel – Nov. 29

Buddy Roberts – 67 – Wrestler; Fabulous Freebird – Nov. 2920121129_BuddyRoberts_642

Jeff Millar – 70 – Comic strip writer; Tank McNamara


Well, that’s it for this month. Seems like a short list but that is all I had written down. As always, let me know who I missed.


4 Responses to “November Celebrity Deaths or HOW THE HELL IS SHE STILL ALIVE?!”

  1. I saw Zsa Zsa once. She ate a restaurant where I worked as a dishwasher. This was back in the 70’s. They set up a table for her and a guest in the deli part. No idea why I felt you needed to know this.

    • I am glad you shared this bit of info. She must have been something back in the day when she could eat an entire restaurant. I hoped that her act of eating it did not put you out of work for too long. 🙂

  2. You’re really reaching on the use of “celebrity” this month.

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