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2012 Voices Year In Review

Posted in Holiday, Nonsense with tags , , , , , on December 31, 2012 by Bob

Do I mean I am reviewing my year 2012 or that I heard 2012 voices this year that I am reviewing? It is questions like that just asked that make me question my own sanity some days. Anyhoo, here we are at the end of another year. I don’t have best of lists, mainly there aren’t that many things I have done that I have done, seen, listened to or otherwise enjoyed enough times to come up with a best of list. I did however have a few highlights this year that are worth mentioning to the rest of the voices in my brain.

Highlight #1 – I finally was able to break free of the bonds of the crappy job that was holding me back for quite a while. True, the choice was not entirely mine but still, it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I just wish I had realized it sooner.

Highlight #2 – The very day after highlight #1, we welcomed into this world our little dude! Alexander Dallas joined our family and we couldn’t be happier. The other great thing about #1 was that because of the timing, I was able to spend the entire 2 months of Mrs. Voices’ maternity leave at home with her and our newest little voice.

Highlight #3 – Almost as soon as the “paternity leave” was running out, I acquired new employment. More money, better people, better bosses and a far superior cafeteria.

Highlight #4 – Tori moved to the day care that is right across the street from where I work. Hours of commuting time saved per week.

Highlight #5 – I got a few predictions correct on my celebrity death watch. Morbid I know, but big deal for me.

Highlight #6 – We did NOT win any of the giant lottery drawings this past year. It would have only ruined our lives by letting us live in unrelenting comfort for the rest of our lives.

Highlight #7 – I got to spend an absolutely wonderful Christmas with family. Christmas morning with our newest voice and Tori having her first Christmas being aware of what was going on was the best thing ever!

Those were the biggies. Good year overall, here is hoping that 2013 sees more good things happen, more reality TV get canceled and everyone gets everything that they deserve in the new year.


As a blatant self promotion, be sure to tune in over the next few days when I will be posting the Death Watch 2013 predictions and a few other fun things. Now, go out, party all night and pretend you care about the football games tomorrow through your massive hangovers.




Just In Case

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Since I am the walking embodiment of Murphy’s Law, and I am convinced the world will not end tomorrow … it just might. So, just in case, I wanted to say good-bye to everyone.

See you tomorrow!

End Of Line

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The world won’t end Friday. Not literally anyway. However, maybe we wouldn’t be so bad off if it did. Or has it already in some ways? I mean look at just a few of the things that are happening around us that are harbingers of doom:

–          People of Walmart

–          Kardashians

–          Justin Bieber

–          Honey Boo Boo

–          The X-Factor

–          Christina Aguilera’s fashion choices

–          The new Instagram TOS

–          Vin Diesel in a remake of Kojak

These are dark times indeed. Makes me think maybe the world needs some kind of reboot. The problem is, how far back to we reboot to? If we don’t go back far enough, we risk living through the Disco era again. If we go too far, we lose indoor plumbing and “a priest and a rabbi walk into a bar” jokes.

Would it be better if we went back to a time where Duck Dynasty is the norm? Should we keep moving forward and push technology to the point where we can enter “the grid”? I don’t know if either of these things would solve the ills of society but I am sure that something has to change so that I can be comfortable raising my children in the world. If doomsday is that thing, then let the pulse reboot the world and let’s get to rebuilding.

On a side note


Does my hair seem darker today?


Hang ‘Em High

Posted in Holiday, Nonsense, TV/Movies with tags , , , , , on December 11, 2012 by Bob

The Christmas lights that is. I have no clue why I put that title but I did. More so, I had the title and then I decided to write about Christmas lights. Yeah, I don’t know either. I basically just needed a place to come and complain about what I saw the other day. I was driving through a more expensive neighborhood near me and I say a “Pool & Spa Services” truck parked on the road. I figured someone was having their hot tub serviced or was just late winterizing their pool. As I drove closer, I saw about 8 individuals with ladders and boxes hanging lights on this particular house. Someone had paid someone else, to hang lights for Christmas.

Granted, there are probably plenty of reasons for this. The first that came to mind, was that the home owners are old and can’t get up on a ladder and have no family in the area that could come and help them do it. If that is the case, with no family or friends, why decorate for a lonely holiday.  Another reason is that perhaps … yeah … can’t think of another one other than they have more money than they apparently know what to do with.

To me, although I hate doing it myself in the cold, hanging the lights is part of Christmas. The untangling, the swearing, the multiple trips to buy new lights … If I had the time and money. I would Griswold my house in a heartbeat. It is what brings a family together during the holidays. Well, the trips to the ER after falling off a ladder does that too but still.


Anyway, that is all I wanted to rant about today. I am trying to ramp up to the new year to be more rant-ee and more annoying next year so, have fun waiting on that one.



On a side note

For the very first time in my life I am saying that I like the Old Navy commercials. I hate the fact that Chevy sold out to Old Navy, because I really don’t like them as a whole, they just annoy me … however, I love the spoofs of the Vacation movies. Even having the old Rustys and Audreys show up with the new ones. They are fun.


November Celebrity Deaths or HOW THE HELL IS SHE STILL ALIVE?!

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Yes, that statement is about Zsa Zsa. Once more last month she has defied the odds and is still hanging in there. I am late again this month but, we have December to look forward to and then we will tally up the predictions and get the new ones for next year. Now that Alex is starting to get a little, or a LOT bigger, I might actually start getting things out on time and get a few more posts out there again. I will also be able to start paying a little closer attention ot the deaths and not have the small lists I have been putting out there.  So, let’s not allow these celebs to decay any longer than we need to shall we?


Stalking Cat – 54 – Man who made himself look like a cat – Nov. 5StalkingCat

Panbanisha – 26 – Some famous Ape – Nov. 6

Valerie Eliot – 86 – T.S. Eliot’s widow – Nov. 9

Art Ginsburg – 81 – Mr. Food – Nov. 21

Larry Hagman – 81 – Tony Nelson and J.R. Ewing – Nov. 23

Hector Camacho – 50 – Boxer – Nov. 24

Earl Carroll – 75 – Singer: The Coasters & Cadillacs – Nov. 25

Sol Weinstein – 84 – TV Writer: Three’s Company, Chico and the Man – Nov. 25

Zig Ziglar – 86 Author and motivational speaker – Nov. 28

Susan Luckey – 74 – Actress: Music Man & Carousel – Nov. 29

Buddy Roberts – 67 – Wrestler; Fabulous Freebird – Nov. 2920121129_BuddyRoberts_642

Jeff Millar – 70 – Comic strip writer; Tank McNamara


Well, that’s it for this month. Seems like a short list but that is all I had written down. As always, let me know who I missed.

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