Death And Dead People Who Were Famous

I kind of like the fact that I am getting the death updates at all kinds of varied times lately. It keeps life (and death) interesting and it makes the visits to my little corner of the world peak at different times instead of the same day every month. Also, this month I thought I would save it so I would have something better to do while the election coverage is ruining tv tonight. Just tell me at the end who wins. I don’t need the other BS. Anyway, here we go. Note that I started off with a drag queen because it is the month of Halloween. That and I don’t think I ever heard coverage of a drag queen death before who wasn’t Ru Paul.


Sahara Davenport – 27 – Drag queen on Ru Paul’s Drag Race – Oct. 1

Bill Jauss – 81 – Sportswriter on TV – Oct. 10

Alex Karras – 77 – Webster’s Dad and Mongo – Oct. 10

Gary Collins – 74 – Actor – Oct. 13

Arlen Specter – 82 – Senator – Oct. 14

Sylvia Kristel – 60 – Emmanuelle – Oct. 17

Stanford Ovshinsky – 89 – Inventor of Re-writable CD – Oct. 17

George McGovern – 90 – Senator and 1972 Presidential nominee – Oct. 21

Teri Shields – 79 – Brooke’s mom – Oct. 31



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