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Healthcare On Earth

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Good evening Earth people. It is I, Herman IQ 074. I have taken command of this data terminal to voice my confusion about something I have recently witnessed on the interwebs. I know that those of you in this country called America have recently given confidence to the current emperor and squashed the small rebellion that threatened is ultimate power.

While I have seen much rejoicing over the continuation of your emperor’s reign, I have seen many comments from the downtrodden, their biggest complaint by far, is about something called “Obamacare”. I researched this and realized that people are complaining about having health care. I had to look up what “health care” was as well and I do not understand this complaint. You should be glad and thankful that you are offered the opportunity at all. You have the ability to pay relatively small amounts of your currency to have someone else pay for large medical expenses. I asked around and found out that there are places on your backwater planet that do not have this option at all.

Hell, we don’t even get medical attention much less someone paying for it. There is no such thing for the Storm Trooper. We are clones. We are expendable. If we get a splinter we don’t even get a bandage. We are left to let the wound fester and get infected and die. As advanced as that metal moon was, there was not a single doctor, surgeon or even a HELLOOOO NURSE on that whole thing to hand out a damn Advil. Sometimes I am not sure how I made it this far. We don’t even get one of those cool kits the Predator race has.

What it boils down to is that be thankful that you have anything, quit your bitching and if you don’t like it, move to a planet where they don’t even know what a doctor is. Try healing your own laser blast. pfft. You make me ill you repub … I mean rebel scum.


Why I Will Miss Campaign Season

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By now, everyone is aware that the election is over, the votes are counted, and a winner has been declared. Millions of Americans are crying, rejoicing, getting stoned (in Colorado and Washington) or just decompressing after the months and months of commercials, mailings and robo-calls. While I am glad that I won’t have to see another campaign ad for a while, there is one aspect of the endless bombardment of negativity that I will miss. I will miss the fact that the campaign ads took over the news from Lindsay, Snookie, The human thumb and a myriad of other freak shows that seem to qualify as news these days.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t enjoy watching the political ads, however, they were a nice break from hearing about people who are famous for being famous train wrecks. As annoying and condescending as some of the ads were, they were still more pertinent to my life than Snookie having a baby or Lindsay running over someone in a parking garage.

Unfortunately, now we must return to those days of yester-month and tune into the news to see the top story of how a new Kardashian sex tape is being released of Bruce Jenner and Hulk Hogan, doing extreme couponing with Honey BooBoo.

I know, I am cranky and yes I still yell at my own kids to get off my lawn. Have a great evening and may the force be with you when you wish upon a Death Star.

Death And Dead People Who Were Famous

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I kind of like the fact that I am getting the death updates at all kinds of varied times lately. It keeps life (and death) interesting and it makes the visits to my little corner of the world peak at different times instead of the same day every month. Also, this month I thought I would save it so I would have something better to do while the election coverage is ruining tv tonight. Just tell me at the end who wins. I don’t need the other BS. Anyway, here we go. Note that I started off with a drag queen because it is the month of Halloween. That and I don’t think I ever heard coverage of a drag queen death before who wasn’t Ru Paul.


Sahara Davenport – 27 – Drag queen on Ru Paul’s Drag Race – Oct. 1

Bill Jauss – 81 – Sportswriter on TV – Oct. 10

Alex Karras – 77 – Webster’s Dad and Mongo – Oct. 10

Gary Collins – 74 – Actor – Oct. 13

Arlen Specter – 82 – Senator – Oct. 14

Sylvia Kristel – 60 – Emmanuelle – Oct. 17

Stanford Ovshinsky – 89 – Inventor of Re-writable CD – Oct. 17

George McGovern – 90 – Senator and 1972 Presidential nominee – Oct. 21

Teri Shields – 79 – Brooke’s mom – Oct. 31


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