September Dead Celebs

Wow, either Death himself has been slacking off or I have. Probably a little bit of both. I know it is nowhere near the beginning of the month but I didn’t want to do another 2fer in Nov. so here is the list of dead celebs that I remember reading about in September. Notice that my blog is not on there as it is not really dead nor is it a celebrity.



Hal David – 91 – lyricist “Raindrops Keep falling on my head” – Sept 1

Mark Abrahamian – 46 – Musician in “Starship – Sept 2

Michael Clarke Duncan – 54 – Actor “Green Mile” – Sept 3

Lance LeGault – 75 – Actor Col. Decker on the A-Team – Sept 10

Andy Williams – 84 – Singer – Sept 25

Johnny Lewis – 28 – Actor Sons of Anarchy – Sept 26


Here is a picture of Tori and Alex to cheer up the death news a little.



2 Responses to “September Dead Celebs”

  1. I’m still mourning Michael Clarke Duncan. Yet, for some reason, it feels like it was three months ago that he died. Why is that?

    • Probably because his heart attack was that long ago. When I was writing this I had to double check it was only last month myself.

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