Dead Celebrities


I have totally gotten lazy since Alex was born, at least on the blogging front … no, on every front. I come home and I want to crash and/or play with the kids and/or eat. Yeah, lame excuses but that’s all I got. Trying to get Mrs. Voices to occasionally write but she is chicken. Here are the dead guys for Aug. Again because of the lazy factor, the list is rather short as I wasn’t paying attention fully during the month.


Mark O’Donnell – 58 – Playwright Hairspray and cry baby – Aug 6

Marvin Hamlish – 68 – Composer; The way we were, a chorus line – Aug 6

Bill Rafferty – 68 – TV Hose; Card Sharks – Aug 11

Ron Palillo – 63 – Horshack – Aug 14

Bill Tillman – 65 – Saxaphonist for Blood sweat & Tears – Aug 15

Scott McKenzie – 73 – Singer/Songwriter; San Fransisco – Aug 18

Tony Scott – 68 – Director; top gun – Aug 19

Phyllis Diller – 95 – Comedienne – Aug 20

Jerry Nelson – 78 – Muppeteer – Aug 23

Neil Armstrong – 82 – Astronaut – Aug 25


I guess I need to look at my stats more often. I know since I haven’t been posting a whole lot I have been averaging like no views per day. The other day I popped up to over 800! Not sure why. Maybe people were looking for my dead folks that I never delivered. If so. I say sorry to all my death junkies!



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