Commonwealth Edison STILL SUCKS!


Earlier this month I challenged ComEd, or Exelon to come to the people of our neighborhood and talk to us, in person, and explain their asinine decision to put power lines right behind our houses instead of through a corn field or along a road or some other more logical place. Haven’t heard from them. They are cowards. The towers that were supposed to be the color of the sky … not so much.

This is NOT disappearing against the sky as promised.


Now, they are still putting more towers in, even closer to my backyard.

I hope they get paid like crap.

All day their digging and trucks scared the hell out of my dog so she won’t go outside. It is 8:30 and they are still out there causing all kinds of noise. Aren’t there ordinances against this? If any members of the village “leadership” lived here, I am sure this would not be happening.

Maybe since the village did such a crappy job of stopping these towers, they can work on at least getting the trains to quit blowing their whistles at midnight and 5am. Yeah right.

Thanks for letting me rant. If anyone reading this knows anyone that works for ComEd, tell them to come on over to my neighborhood. I dare them.



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