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I Really Didn’t Think It Through

Posted in Holiday, Nonsense, Tori with tags , , , , , on May 28, 2012 by Bob

I had big plans for this 3 day weekend. Was going to do a lot of cleaning, a ton of yard work and a mess load of laundry. Then Tori was up all night Friday and Saturday night with what we found out to be ear infections in both ears. Needless to say, the days were spent catching up on the sleep we didn’t get at night. Saturday we got a good amount of shopping done that needed to get done. Sunday saw SOME of the cleaning accomplished. Jackie also took Tori to the Dr. so that we could confirm the ear infection and got some drugs. Today, I didn’t think things through.

I woke up and gave Tori her medicine. Then I decided that I should mow the lawn. I got dressed and went and got some gas for the mower. I got all settled and started mowing. It was already 85 degrees. I got about 2/3 of the mowing done. Maybe only half. The heat was bearable for the most part. The humidity was bad but I have done yard work in worse and survived. What I didn’t take into account was all of the factors combined: Heat, humidity, being awake for 3 days and being far more out of shape than I should be to try to do this. Yard 1 – me 0.

Well, off to do some food at gramma and grampa’s.


A Day Late And A Heartbeat Short

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One would think that my blog has died a slow painful death with the lack of posts lately, however, only celebrity deaths make it to my blog. Two under two is a lot of work, and I am realizing how tired Mrs. Voices and I are at the end of a day. It is a good thing I haven’t been working the last 2 months because it has been tough. I do have some good news that I will share soon as well.  I know I am a day late with the death list for April but hey, let’s just get to it shall we?


Chief Jay Strongbow – 83 – Wrestler – April 3

James S. Herr – 87 – Founder of Herr’s Snacks – April 5

Mike Wallace – 83 – News correspondent – April 7

Carol Adams – 94 – Actress, Our Gang – April 9

Richie Teeter – 61 – Drummer, Twisted Sister – April 10

Jonathan Frid – 87 – Actor, Dark Shadows – April 13

Dick Clark – 82 – Cyborg and New Year’s Eve host – April 18

Levon Helm – 71 – Musician,  The Band – April 19

Greg Ham – 58 – Musician, Men at Work – April 19

Ray Easterling – 62 – Football Player – April 19

Bill Granger – 70 – Author and columnist – April 22

Bill “Moose” Skowron – 81 – Baseball Player – April 27

Amarillo Slim – 83 – Professional Gambler – April 29

Joel Goldsmith – 54 – Film & Television composer Stargate – April 29


I feel like I am missing someone but, I went through my notes for the month and I don’t see what I am missing. I may have forgotten to write it down when it happened.  Let me know if I missed someone major!

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