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All I Can Ask Is Why?

Posted in Nonsense, Tori with tags , , , , , , , , , on March 21, 2012 by Bob

Ever since Alex arrived we have been trying to keep Tori’s routine as unchanged as possible. There have been a few things that have changed a little but for the most part we have kept things the same as before. To that end, I took Tori to day care this morning. That has nothing to do with anything other than I felt like telling you all. Anyhoo, when I got home, I had to take Mrs. Voices to the drop in clinic at her Dr. because she has pink eye, in both eyes, and we know no one who has it. WEIRD! Once she got her prescription, we still have a few things we need to get for Alex … crib mattress, diaper bag and a few other incidentals that come with having 2 little ones so close in age.

We were looking at a local baby store and I noticed the prices on some things. Now I know that there are parents that have to have the absolute best of everything. For me, a stroller is a stroller and if you spend a shit ton of cash on a stroller that doesn’t convert or anything is purely status for the parent. The prices for these things are ridiculous. Why in the name of all that is holy does a baby … sleeping in a  crib …  need a mattress that costs $400? They are not going to know the difference. Also, a baby does not even weigh enough to make a memory foam mattress even make sense!

Baby furniture is also a rip off. Most of the furniture is smaller, so why does it cost twice as much as grown up furniture? And clothes … don’t get me started on clothes. An entire unemployment check (well, maybe not that much) for an Easter dress that Tori will wear only once? It would have really been nice if my former employers waited at least another couple of paychecks before they decided to make up reasons to fire me. I wish I could be a Mr. Mom but financially these days, it just isn’t feasible. I promise this will be the last time I bitch about being fired … maybe. Yeah, I am bitter.



Pssst … Over Here

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Hey all, still alive and well over here in voices land. I know I am still working on getting some new pics of Alex. I have to say that the staying home right now is a curse and a blessing. I love being at home with the new little guy and spending time with the wife. The problem is, is that I am finding out the “to-do” list is a lot longer than it seemed when I was working. The problem with that is that everything costs money to fix. I can get some things done but … ugh. Depressing to a certain extent. Like I said, Alex makes everything worth while and I am sure that everything will work out fine. And now, some of that cuteness that is saving my sanity.


How's about a little kiss?

And Now, Introducing …

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I bet a lot of you think that I am introducing my muppet. I am not. I am introducing someone even better, my new son. Alexander Dallas Richardson was born on Saturday March 10th, at 10:25 p.m. He was 7 lb. 2 oz. and 19 1/4 in. long. He is the cutest little guy in the world. But then again I might be biased. You can be your own judge though.

Alexander Dallas Richardson

Tori is already loving him. She woke in the night screaming for the baby, we would show her t and then she would go to sleep again. Jackie says she was just having night terrors about Justin Bieber. Overall though, she loves him already.

Although I will be home with him for a it because of the job thing, the wonderful feeling and joy of him coming the day after I was fired, is kinda like a big middle finger to my old job. I get to stay home with him instead of having to go to work.

Well, gotta head out. Plenty of pictures to come soon.

What A Week

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Been quite a week. Here is a recap. Got fired yesterday. Today we are at the hospital with Mrs. Voices getting ready to deliver our second baby, a boy this time. We are trying to think of a name still. That is just a quick update from my phone. Info and more details and a picture soon!

The Month, Some Music Died

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Happy March celebrity death watchers. February seemed to have a lot of music related passings. Some we cared about, some we didn’t, some we said “who?” and some that just got WAY more media coverage than they should have. There were also a few other celebs that died as well as my sleep patterns that have bit the big one too.


David Peaston – 54 – R&B singer – Feb. 1

Angelo Dundee – 90 – Muhammad Ali’s trainer – Feb. 1

Don Cornelius – 75 – Host of Soul Train – Feb. 1

Zalman King – 69 – Director/Producer; Wild Orchid/9 ½ Weeks – Feb. 3

Ben Gazzara – 81 – Actor Road House – Feb. 3

Nello Ferrara – 93 – Ferrara Pan Candy guy – Feb. 3

Bill Hinzman – 75 – Zombie Night of the Living Dead – Feb. 5

Sam Coppola – 79 – Actor Saturday Night Fever – Feb. 5

Peter Breck – 82 – Actor The Big Valley – Feb. 5

Phil Bruns – 80 – Actor Barney Miller, Mary Hartman Mary Hartman – Feb. 8

Jeffrey Zaslow – 53 – Author/Columnist – Feb. 10

Whitney Houston – 48 – Singer/Actress – Feb. 11

David Kelly – 82 – Irish Actor; Fawlty Towers – Feb. 12

Jodie Christian – 80 – Jazz Pianist – Feb. 13

Russell Arms – 92 – Singer Your Hit Parade – Feb. 13

Elyse Knox – 94 – Actress and mother of Mark Harmon – Feb. 15

Dick Anthony Williams – 77 – Actor Edward Scissorhands, The Jerk – Feb. 16

Jon McIntire – 70 – Grateful Dead manager – Feb. 16

Gary Carter – 57 – Baseball Player – Feb. 16

Thom Enright – 59 – musician The Young Adults – Feb. 21

Billy Strange – 81 – Songwriter “Limbo Rock” – Feb. 22

Martha Stewart – 89 – Actress (don’t know who she is but I wanted to say Martha Stewart died) – Feb. 25

Louisiana Red – 79 – Blues musician – Feb. 25

Hal Roach – 84 – Irish Comedian – Feb. 28

Davy Jones – 66 – Monkee – Feb. 29

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