Today Is Another Day

I missed blogging yesterday. I have been doing pretty well posting every day but it has been a rough week and a half and I was just tired. Still am pretty tired.  Mrs. Voices has been under the weather, Piper (our American Bulldog) has some medical issues we weren’t quite expecting, Tori has been Tori, wonderful and awesome … but she is 16 months old so … With Mrs. Voices being pregnant AND sick AND due the middle of next month, we are all tired. So, if anyone was worried that I got hit by a car or something, I am fine. I may miss a few days here and there for the next few months as various things unfold but I am not going anywhere for long.

With that out of the way, a few random thoughts have popped into my head as of late. Nothing of major importance or anything, just things.

–       Why do so many homeless people wear camouflage? The would be better seen and get more attention if they worse something snappy and bright like old 80s neon. It would be safer wouldn’t it?

–       No matter what your political leanings are … do we really want our country led by someone named Mitt or Newt? If these are nick names, you men are adults, use your real names. If these ARE their real names …

–       Why, during a review at your job, oh wait … have to have a review first. I will revisit this one next week … maybe.

–       There are more news articles about the fashions at awards shows than anything. HOW do the fashions affect my life?

–       Painting is the most expensive thing to hire someone to do and they don’t even supply the paint. I have nothing else on that except that it sucks.

–       Why is picking out a baby name so damn hard?

–       Why am I listing off a bunch of things that more and more make less and less sense the more I babble?

–       Why do people always say “in case I get hit bay a car”? There can be some better reasons not to be somewhere right? Like “in case my bungee cord breaks” or “in case I’m kidnapped by rabid Emus” or “In case I get so fed up with this place I have a total psychotic break and you find me curled up in the fetal position between the copy machines.”

Will Bob ever finish the new baby room before the new baby comes? Will Tori ever learn the meaning of “no” when it applies to HER? Will the major ever realize that the war is over? For the answers to these and other questions tune into the next episode … of Soap. If you can find it in syndication that is, and even then good luck trying to follow along and relate any of this to whatever episode you can find. Unless it is the one with the devil baby and then you might figure it out.


One Response to “Today Is Another Day”

  1. You’ll get it all done! You need to take just 1 night off so everyone can relax a little. That’s just as important as everything else.
    Can’t believe in 1 month!!

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