That’s A Lot

Yesterday’s post, was post number 500. As of writing this, I have had 28,622 views total. My best single day was 756 views. These numbers do not include email subscribers as far as I can tell. My first post was on 6/29/2009. Last year I blogged almost every single day (missed one) and have kept it going this year so far.

When I look back on all those stats, it is no wonder why I get stymied some days trying to come up with something. I am afraid that I will copy myself. That’s ok, I won’t sue. That means that I have thought up close to 500 different topics to write about over the years. That doesn’t SOUND all that daunting but, it is. At least for me. I am proud of myself. It makes the aches and pains I have, the long nights with the baby or the dog, etc. fade away from memory.

I wish I was watching tv right now. It would give me something to watch and distract me and my blog would be weirder.

2 Responses to “That’s A Lot”

  1. visitingmissouri Says:

    Having started my own blog in September, I can only dream of these stats. My all-time high is nowhere near 700 and I have a hard time coming up with topics too, so I am impressed on many levels.

  2. Nice stats. I look forward to those some day!

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