In The Headlines

I have said it before, and I will say it again … Sometimes I look at the world and I cry. There are some things in the news that just make me read it and think “what?!” Here are some examples …

• Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari, re-engaged again, are having a baby. Feel free to insert your favorite joke here. I still have odds on that they won’t make it work.

• Tracy Morgan was admitted to the hospital. He was not drinking in the high altitude. He just got a little sleepy. Uh huh.

• The victims of the Italian cruise ship disaster, are getting 30% off vouchers for their next cruise. Yeah, THAT will work.

• Seal and Heidi Klum broke up. Sources say this will help Seal’s career. I like Seal as much as the next person but I was not aware that wither of them still had careers to help.

• The sun is blowing up and the earth is going to get microwaved tomorrow or something.

• I am still overly tired and not coming up with things that are too interesting. Although, I did find what I think is an amusing as hell picture.


One Response to “In The Headlines”

  1. Nice…hahahah!

    I recently realized that one of the past presidents (I think it’s James Madison?) resembles the actor, John Lithgow.

    I also have a series of posts where I confuse actors as they all resemble one another!

    This made me laugh!
    Feel free to stop by my end of the blog-o-sphere!

    Lake Forest, CA

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