Naked Pictures!

I don’t really have any, and you should all be thankful for that. I just figured this would be the best way to get you to pay attention with football and American Idol and all.

Just showing up to say hi and to keep the posts going. Tori has been a terror today and my shoulder is really messed up. I hope orthopedists give a volume discount. Basically, I can’t type so well tonight so just a quick hello and I am going to go back to watching Food Network.

And to those curious, Tori is feeling better, Piper is on the mend and I am just falling apart.


2 Responses to “Naked Pictures!”

  1. Well, as long as you are the only one falling apart…

  2. Just go buy yourself some glue sticks and put yourself back together…but remember, the glue sticks don’t adhere too long…which might be good if you glue poritons on your body scewed or backward…

    I’ve actually super glued my fingertips together once…that was awesome. And unintentional. Yup, that’s me.

    lake Forest, CA

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