The Making Of A Man

Is NOT an easy thing. Trying to find the right nose, hair, eyes … it is not an easy task. Naming a new person is easy, unless of course you are are developing fetus (I was able to name a Muppet faster than my own child). That bit aside, I never thought that coming up with a back story, personality and look for something would be so complicated. I am odd, I understand and admit that. I am talking about designing a Muppet. I should be getting paid for this but I am not. Anyhoo … I considered making him look like Tebow, but he doesn’t have knees. I thought about making him look like Bill Maher … I don’t have the right sense of self whatever it is he has. I really didn’t think of making him look like either of those two, I just wanted the names in my blog to see if it got more hits for those search results.

Back to the Muppet, Jackie looked at me a little oddly when I looked at her and said “I wish I had a ’70s curly perm wig.” A normal guy should NEVER say those words together. We almost have the look finished though. Once we do, I have to work on the voice. Pics will come before that though.

Well, it really must be time to go to bed because this is how black people is immediately followed by condom commercials. I don’t know why that matters in this whole thing but It came on tv as I was writing this.

Back tomorrow with more interesting blather about nothing. Maybe even about something!


4 Responses to “The Making Of A Man”

  1. I don’t know… I’m sure some porn star, somewhere has said, “I wish I had a’70s curly perm wig.”

  2. So, did the Tebow trick work? I might have to try that on my blog.

    • From what my stats tell me, it did not. Maybe no one was searching for him since it was the middle of the week. I might check the stats again Sunday after the playoff game.

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