Donate Today!

Friends, have you been sitting around the house, fretting over what you are going to do with that “spare car” you have laying around in the garage? The Lung Association will take that “spare car” you just happen to have laying around, whenever you are ready to clean out your garage and free up some space. This is all well and good and I fully support it. What happens though when you have an extra house laying around that you need to get rid of? Well friends, I have the answer.

Donate your old, gently used homes that are just sitting around to my new foundation. We will take those old homes and sell them at 100% pure profit for us. You will get a “fair” tax deduction for your donation. The funds from your home donation will help fund research and pay the salaries of the staff that take your donations and make them a reality for our charity. You can help cure ingrown toenails and knuckle hair with your generous donation. Call 1-800-homes-4-nails today and one of our trained counselors will help sign your home over to us. Call today, operators are standing by 13 1/2 hours a day.

Legal Disclaimer: amount toward research is equivalent to .00004 cents for every $1000 donated. Some results may vary by state and tax deduction can not be guaranteed and is not authorized by the U.S. Government. Please don’t consult your tax advisor or any law enforcement official.

2 Responses to “Donate Today!”

  1. Will you accept a dog house that has no roof?

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