Chop Me!

So, I have a brilliant idea. Maybe. I am sitting here watching Chopped before I get up off my butt and start cleaning. I read a few days or weeks ago … I can’t remember … on Kapgar’s page, that he and his wife were going to try making one recipe a week from a bunch of their cookbooks. Or something like that. Whatever the idea was, I liked it, and I have been considering how I would have time to do something similar when I have to pick up Tori every day and can’t stop and buy food all the time.

Watching Chopped, gave me an idea. Of course, I am going to have to get Mrs. Voices in on this but, I think that we should follow the Chopped format. Jackie will think of 4 mystery ingredients for me to work with. Somehow, I will figure out what I am going to do with them and if I have to, stop with Tori on the way home or maybe Peapod what I need. Then I will come up with something using those ingredients without a cookbook. She will also have to think of if it will be appetizer, entree or dessert. I think this could be fun. Now, since I haven’t even brought this up yet with Mrs. Voices, I am putting it out there. Yes, you heard me. Throw out some Chopped worthy ingredients and I will do my best to make a dish and take some pictures of what I come up with. Please keep this in mind, make the ingredients something that I can get though. I don’t want to have to drive all over creation to find them.

I think I am making a really big challenge for myself but, it is already written and the backspace doesn’t work on my keyboard. (it does but that is what I am telling myself so I can’t back out.)

Bring it on and I will see you all in the kitchen!


5 Responses to “Chop Me!”

  1. Chicken
    Jelly beans


  2. I’m not sure what is Chopped worthy, but here goes: Spam, maraschino cherries, oreoes, and popcorn – main dish, of course.

  3. Good luck with it, man.

  4. vickey mouse Says:





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