Next Phase

I almost didn’t write tonight. We had a great relaxing day … Took a nap during the day, quick trip to Costco and this was all after we got our new dishwasher installed this morning. Can I say that the guy who installed it, GREAT! Nice, friendly, went out of his way to get it installed nicely where someone else may have just left it crooked.

Anyway, we had this nice relaxing day and I was feeling a little blah today so I was not going to write. Sleeping in the middle of the day made me feel nice and lazy. But, Tori is in bed, Jackie is reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and all I am left sitting here watching Van Helsing. Plus, Jackie took down most of the Christmas decos while I was being lazy so I guess I can write something … right?


I know, that was lame but that is how I am kind of feeling today. Not funny, not un-funny. Just lame.

So, the title .. yeah, I was going to write something about how every free moment for the next month or 2 will be getting the new baby room ready, but I think I will write about that tomorrow.


One Response to “Next Phase”

  1. You have GOT to take your lovely wife to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie. It’s great!!!!! But make her finish the book first. The book is always better.

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