Celebrity Death Watch 2012: Become A Ghost Protocol

If you thought I was going to leave you out in the cold without daily blogs, well, we haven’t gotten there yet. There are a few more posts I need to get out there at the beginning of this year so you have to put up with me for at least a few more days before I take a break. As always, we need to get the celeb death watch out there for the coming year. I finally had a correct guess last year, Harry Morgan, and 2 guesses from the year before kicked last year. As I did last year, I am going to put up my obvious choices and the out there predictions. The obvious guesses are to cover those celebs that SHOULD by all rights already be dead. The out there are guesses that I am guessing MIGHT or those that I really wish would shuffle off this mortal coil. So, let’s proceed shall we?

Obvious Choices For 2012

  1. Zsa Zsa Gabor – I know, she has defied me for 3 years running but, I feel if I leave her off, that is when she will leave us.
  2. George Bush Sr. – We haven’t had a presidential death in a while and he is old. Does more really need to be said?
  3. Aretha Franklin – Hoping I am wrong, but her recent health issues get her on the list.
  4. Robin Gibb – Again, health issues are to blame for putting this Bee Gee on the list this year.
  5. Ray Bradbury – I left him off last year but I think it is time to bring him back for a command performance this year.
  6. Margaret Thatcher – The ex- PM of England. I need to have some sort of world leader on the list so I am picking her this year. And to be clear, I didn’t mess up, I just never really considered Bush Sr. a world leader.
  7. Abe Vigoda – I tempted fate and left him off last year but, I think I need to get him back on.
  8. Conrad Bain – He helped Willis and Arnold move on up and stroke differently but I think it is time for one more cast member of this show to leave us this year.
  9. Hal Holbrook – If any of you saw the short lived series The Event, then you know why I have him on this list. Rumor has it he can only play roles in which he is a mummy.
  10. Billy Graham – It’s time and not even the big guy is going to keep him plugging away forever.


The Fun Guesses

  1. Lindsay Lohan – I would be remiss if I didn’t go along with the rest of the world and think she is not going to make it another year.
  2. Justin Bieber – I had this prediction last year but I really, really hate both of them so here is my last year’s twofer again. He will be in a car accident with Taylor Swift and both will parish.
  3. George Clooney – As much of a stud he is, he breaks his neck doing some bedroom wrestling with young girlfriend Stacy Keibler.
  4. Drew Carey – He loses 150 more pounds, stars as the lead in Alley McBeal: The musical, and then dies of embarrassment.
  5. Steven Tyler – Why Not?
  6. Bill Maher – Struck down Super Bowl Sunday by god after one too many Tebow jokes.
  7. The Kardashians – Yes, All of them. It was a tragic plane accident as they were flying back and forth from taking one of their cities. It makes the news as a headline right after sports, weather and movie reviews.
  8. Jamie Lee Curtis – A bad batch of Activia, contaminated with Botulism.
  9. Bill Gates – A heart attack falls the other pirate of Silicon Valley. The world mourns, Microsoft stock increases so much that they buy out Apple. 3 Months later, Bill is found alive and it is proven that it was all a ploy to increase business. He is arrested and dies in jail at the hands of the Nancy Gang.
  10. Paris Hilton – No reason other than I needed a number 10 and it wouldn’t hurt anyone if she was it.

Well kiddies, that’s the list for the upcoming year. Who you got? Bring ‘em on in the comments and let me know who you think will pass this year. Serious or outlandish predictions all welcome.


9 Responses to “Celebrity Death Watch 2012: Become A Ghost Protocol”

  1. Conrad Bain is still alive?

  2. vickey mouse Says:

    Dude, Etta James. Unfortunately, this blues singer hasn’t done well as of late;what with the combo of cancer and demetia I suggest this dame will be singing soon in the ghost train.

    • I almost put her on my list but she was on a lot of other lists too and I wanted to be a little original in my choices. Good call though. I think you may have a good call with that one.

  3. Chris Angel try to walk on water again. He will trip and fall, and subsequently drown.

  4. I hope TharpStar is right – that guy is a creepy douche.
    I hope George Clooney doesn’t die. That would just suck. He’s my number 2, right after Mr. Grohl.

  5. Well he was right with robin gibb

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