Celebrity Death Watch – The New Year Never Came For Them

I can’t believe that this is the last Celebrity Death Watch update for 2011, even though it is now technically 2012. We have had some winners this year and we have had some losers. Some winners have dies and so have a lot of losers. It was a surprising year for a lot of the passings and a not so surprising year for others. Some days it was cold out, other days it wasn’t. Some days it was cloudy, some it was sunny. Get where I am coming from here? ANYHOO … Let’s get on with the last Death Watch of the year and see if there are any more winners for the year. Check here if you can’t remember the predictions) Plus, let’s get to it so I can go take a nap. Oh yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!!


Bill McKinney – 80 – Actor; Deliverance – Dec. 1

Herman IQ74 – ?? – Imperial Stormtrooper (death assumed on this date) – Dec. 2

Bruno Bianchi – 56 – Cartoonist, co-creator of Inspector Gadget – Dec. 3

Dan Mills – 80 – Animator Family Guy & He-Man – Dec. 5

Barbara Orbison – 61 – Roy Orbison’s widow – Dec. 6

Dobie Gray – 71 – Singer Drift Away – Dec. 6

Harry Morgan – 96 – Actor Dragnet, M*A*S*H – Dec. 7

Bert Schneider – 78 – Producer;  Easy Rider , The Monkees – Dec. 12

Taylor Swift – 22 – Oh yeah, it was just a dream. Damn.

Dan Frazer – 90 – Actor Kojak – Dec. 16

Doe Avedon – 86 – Actress  The High and the Mighty – Dec. 18

Jim Sherwood – 69 – Musician Mothers of Invention – Dec. 25


Until next time … Should auld the dead folks be forgot and never brought back to life ….


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