ComEd Sucks

Since I have been home for a few days now and not running all over, I have had time to look out my back window. I also had time to look online to see why the trees that block the sound of the train were cut down. It is because ComEd is putting up new high voltage lines right behind my house. They could have gone along the road but the jack ass geniuses at ComEd and the Illinois Commerce Commission decided that it would be far better to run the lines right behind people homes, decreasing the home value and creating possible health issues.  I know the village of Huntley fought this a little bit, I just hope that they fought it enough. I am wondering who at ComEd, the ICC or Huntley will be paying for the decrease in home value because these power lines are right behind people homes. Maybe if I have even more money to throw away I will consider sueing someone for some amount. I doubt it will do any good though and obviously our elected politicians did not do enough to be able to move these another 100 yards away or so. Yeah, I am bitter and angry. Letters will be written this week while Tori is napping.

Jackie got the last Harry Potter movie for Christmas. It had a digital copy with this new “UltraVoiolet” crap from Flixter. So far, what a pain in the ass. I hope that this method fails miserably and they go back to just regular digital copies. I hate that I had to register for all this and that I can’t figure out how to get it into my iTunes yet. Just an annoying day all around I guess.


2 Responses to “ComEd Sucks”

  1. I have not heard a single positive review of UltraViolet.

  2. Tell us how you really feel, Bob! 😉

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