What’s In A Name

Other than an identity, it is just something that you are called. It really doesn’t make up who you are … or does it? Some folks say that your name dictates who you will be and what career you will have. I agree to a point. If you give your child a really dorky name, he will live in your basement until he is 40 playing video games. If you give him a decent name, he will move out as soon as he can and be normal.

Jackie and I are trying to come up with a name for our future little one. It is not easy. Tori’s name came to us pretty easily. For this little guy’s name, we are having a bit more trouble. We each seem to have too many requirements that the other one doesn’t agree with. He is due around St. Patrick’s Day so at first we were thinking about an Irish name because of that. Turns out, Jackie doesn’t like the names that I come up with and I don’t like the ones that she comes up with.

We don’t want anything that ends with son, sin, sen, san etc, because it would sound to weird with our last name. It also can’t start with a T because I don’t like the names starting with the same letter or the names sounding the same. Jackie has to have a name that works well with a shortened nickname. It also has to go with the middle name we are thinking about. And it has to be a boy’s name. Yeah, see how many restrictions there are to this? I know we will come up with something but, man, I thought the second time around would be easier. We just need a name that jumps out at us. That calls to us. That says, HEY PICK ME! Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone?



4 Responses to “What’s In A Name”

  1. Nicodemus Bartholomew Richardson. ’nuff said.

  2. we just went with family names, which settled things in a hurry.

    our kids went through what you’re going through and came up with Inara and Kaia for their girls, one a character in Firefly, the other referring to the Hawaiian god of the sea, as the mother is from Hawaii (although evidently Kaia may mean chicken in Filipino, so what are you going to do?).

  3. Dude. Just name him Dude.

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