How To Last Minute Christmas Shop

Yes my friends, with Christmas fast approaching, the staff here at Voicesinmybrain thought we would lend a hand to the weary shopper who has procrastinated until time has almost run out. We have gathered our combined years of extensive experience and compiled the best things to do when you are last minute shopping. Ok, so it is just me and what I seem to do every year. Take my advice to heart, or discard it like last year’s fruitcake. Either way, I hope you glean some sort of helpful information from another VIMB ‘How To’ moment.

  1. Look at the calendar every day starting the 1st of Dec and tell yourself “I have plenty of time!”
  2. Ignore #1 until Dec 20th and then when you get to work and realize the date say “Oh Crap!” loud enough for co-workers to hear.
  3. Forgo lunch the next 3 days as you run from store to store trying to find that perfect gift that everyone is sold out of by now.
  4. Try shopping online but realize shipping will be 3 times as much as the gift in order to get it in time.
  5. With 2 days left, check the “Seasonal” isles at Walgreens, CVS, Jewel etc. Find no gift but get enough candy for stocking stuffers
  6. With 1 day s left, go into panic mode, run to each store you previously went to before. Buy sizes that don’t fit, and damaged items with hopes they will be back in stock when it is time for returns and exchanges.
  7. On Christmas Eve, realize that your gifts suck, stop at a gas station and buy everyone a bottle of booze and some scratch off lottery tickets.
  8. On Christmas morning, realize it is not about the gifts and it is about family and togetherness and all that sappy stuff and enjoy the day. (Sorry, had to end it on a high note. It’s Christmas after all!)

5 Responses to “How To Last Minute Christmas Shop”

  1. Hahahaha! Have you been giving these helpful hints to my husband?!
    Seriously. Dead. On.
    Enjoy the fact that Tori doesn’t get it at all right now. I don’t think Gilda really, truly “got” it until she was 3 – but once she did, she was allll about the damn commercials and what she wanted. We always got her one “big” gift to impress – and a bunch of smaller ones.
    Oh – but don’t try that with a pregnant wife! Haha!

    • I would never try to pull that on the wife even if she wasn’t pregnant. I am smarter than that LOL Yeah, I can’t wait until Tori actually understands what she is dancing too now.

  2. There’s still plenty of stuff at PetsMart. They won’t know it’s a dog bowl – just think you’re adding to their china collection.

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