The Best Of … 2011

It is the end of the year. That means best of lists from everyone. I was reading an article today at lunch that someone put together about the best things they have eaten in 2011. I thought this was going to be a great piece as it alluded to it being about “regular” restaurants. When I say “regular”, I mean the kind of place where a family can eat for under $2000. Where they are only mildly upset that your toddler threw some food on the floor. Where they come up to you and say “oh that is the best baby laugh we have had in a long time!” instead of “Sir, please stop laughing so loud.”

I was wrong. It was a bunch of food editors who talked about the best hot dog they had in France and food that they ate in a number of places I couldn’t even pronounce in NY mostly. I find that is an overarching problem with most reviews of anything, they are not for the common person. I guess movie reviews are for everyone sometimes, but only when they don’t talk about the camera direction and how well the director used the 6 in. Fresnel with barn doors to the best of it’s ability during the death scene.

Back to the food. As I said, I was disappointed that it wasn’t more “everyman.” So, my best of list at the end of the year, is going to include best of votes from all of you, my readers. I am going to need nominees and then we will vote. Here are the following categories that I would like to rate. Hopefully I will get enough nominations and then votes to make this fun.
Best of Categories for nomination:

Best Hot Dog

Best greasy ass burger

Best breakfast place

Best family restaurant

Best Pizza

Now, I realize that everyone doesn’t live in my area (NW Chicago Suburbs), but that doesn’t matter. Nominate whomever you want. It will give me places to visit I I ever get to travel. I would love if the nominations are for non-chains but if you are in love with a chain, then by all means nominate! Leave your nominations in the comments and I will compile sometime at the end of the week and start the voting.


One Response to “The Best Of … 2011”

  1. I don’t eat hot dogs, but here’s my local vote for the rest:

    Best Greasy Ass Burger: Not terribly greasy, but this place, Gordo’s – it is huge and juicy and DELICIOUS. Any variation.

    Best Breakfast Place: My house.

    Best Family Restaurant: Hmmm… Not sure…

    Best Pizza – I could name a few different places here, but right now, I’m gonna say Uno’s, but only because I’ve been craving it for a week.

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