Another One Of Those Days

Jackie went to have a “girls day” with a few of her friends so I was left home alone with Piper, Tori and the voices. Since Tori has been awake a lot lately, I was hoping she would sleep most of the day and I could get some stuff done like put up the Christmas tree finally. Yeah, didn’t happen. She was needy all day. Which I am ok with actually. It just made for a very long day of getting nothing accomplished … again. Piper was also little miss clingy. It was rough to try to cater to both of them. I managed, barely.

That was my day, so, to give you something more interesting, I have another video of Tori. Yeah, I know I am posting more of these lately and I will probably post even more. So there. I just think she is cute. Anyhoo … in this episode of Tori Makes Daddy Laugh, Tori puts her socks on her feet all by herself … literally. She really takes after daddy in the smart ass department. She is going to be a REAL handful!


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