How Did We Survive?

It is the holidays. That means that it is time for parent consumer safety nazi groups to come out with their lists of all the toys that should be banned because they are dangerous for children who have parents that buy them inappropriate toys or who don’t teach them the right way to play with their toys when they are older. Yes, there ARE some toys out there that are probably marketed to the wrong age group. Yes, there are probably toys out there that are more dangerous than others, but for cryin’ out loud … give it a little bit of a rest people!

I remember when I was young, toys shot things, had small pieces, moving parts and paint that wore off sometimes. I’m still here. I rode a bike without a helmet, and without wearing so much padding that I looked like an self defense class target. I’m still here. I ate food out of plastic containers, drank water straight from the tap and even drank from the garden hose. I’m still here.

It is bad enough that Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year, taunting and teasing children with the coolest and latest toys. Why do we have to yank the rug out from under them smashing their little teeth into the floor by telling them they are going to die, go blind or go deaf because of the toy they have been screaming for since Arbor day.

We survived and so will they. If they don’t, maybe they will win a Darwin Award or two in the process.

Speaking of Darwin Awards, I am off to Vegas soon. I think I will behave myself but just in case, I will line up a few posts to have in the hopper and schedule them in case I have to sell my computer, phone and ipod to get home. RED! NOOOOO BLACK! Crap!


2 Responses to “How Did We Survive?”

  1. Seriously. Apparently, it’s also bad to say, “NO”, to kids today. Harms their self esteem or some crazy shit. (I have a friend who wouldn’t say no to her kids. Instead, she’d be like, “____, please put your coat on. It hurts my feelings when you don’t listen to me.”, and of course the kid was like, “SO?!”, and ran around an entire evening without her coat on – and it was coooold. I’m like, “Gilda! Put your coat on or you can’t be outside!” Period.)
    I’m gonna shut up now because I’ll take over your whole blog with bad parenting stories.
    Have fun in Vegas! I know you will!

  2. I’m a bad parent whatever I do, so I like to take the easiest path available at the time. Going to Vegas sounds good. Oh yeah, I have to take care of my kid. Oh well. Have a great time!

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