A Thanksgiving Quicky

Good morning all! The pies are cooked, the berries are cranned and the eggs are deviled. That is my part of the dinner at moms. I AM going over early however to help with some last minute prep as mom is a little under the weather. While I was cooking this morning and being on-call for work, Mrs. Voices was was feeding our little voice (little in size only and not volume by the way) and watching the parades. She has been switching back and forth between the Chicago parade and the Macy’s parade.

I used to like parades, but these days, especially the Macy’s parade, is nothing but a commercial. I know they always have been to a certain extent but, Macy’s isn’t even a parade anymore. It is hours of lip synced performances in front of the store. Anyone can do that. It was more impressive when they would sing while going down the street actually singing. Because of this, I am thankful for multiple TVs in the house.

Can I say that up until this point (it is still on while I am writing this) Cee Lo Green and Scotty McQueery are THE worst lip syncers in the world. I mean, I know everyone know it is lip synced anyway, so why do they even pretend. Oddly enough, the only performers that did NOT try to fool everyone into thinking they were actually singing, was the Sesame Street float. Just to show that they know that kids are not stupid and there is no reason to play them like fools.

Leave it to me to be a little cranky on Thanksgiving! It is getting close to Christmas though so I need to practice my Grinchiness. The cutest thing hppening right now, Kool-Aid float is going by and it is waving, Tori is waving back LOL.

Have a great, safe, happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving everyone!


One Response to “A Thanksgiving Quicky”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope it’s a great day!

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