I Almost Cried

I have mentioned before how I love to cook. I would do far more of it if I had more time and I wish that I could do it as a career. I have also mentioned before how I am torn when I watch cooking shows. I love them but it depresses me to a certain extent. Tonight, Chopped moved me.

They had lunch ladies on the show competing. Now, when I was a kid, the lunch lady was just the hair net wearing grandma who slopped tater tot casserole (which I actually loved) onto your plate. These women were experts in helping school children eat healthy and making sure that children get meals every day. They were very inspirational and it was hard to watch each one get chopped as they all had exceptional talent.

When it came down to the end, I have to admit that I was getting a little misty. The winner’s daughter came out and was so proud of her mom… Anyway, it was inspiring as all heck and nice that they brought these under appreciated individuals into the public’s eye. Food Network redeemed a little of my faith in the human race and for that, I am thankful.


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