That Girl Loves Her Pasta!

Tori has found a favorite food, at least for now, mostaccioli in marinara sauce. We ordered some the other night for her when we ordered pizza and she LOVES it. Can’t get enough of it. She eats a whole big plate and signs and says “more!”

She really gets into it too ..

Wait'll they get a load of me!


What? Do I have something on my face?


What do you mean there's no more?


Hmmm ... now where did I put that napkin?


She is soooo my daughter … and I couldn’t be happier!

2 Responses to “That Girl Loves Her Pasta!”

  1. I’m half Italian, and have no idea what mostaccioli even is! But it looks great on her face!

  2. Who can blame her? Mostaccioli is awesome!!
    You should totally take pics of yourself in the same pose – food all over your face, high chair, etc. Haha! Don’t do the diaper, though – that’s just freaky. 🙂

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