Is It Thanksgiving Yet?

There are a few reason I am looking forward to the thanksgiving weekend getting here and then being over and done with.

1. I want the 4 day weekend

2. I basically work retail. Black Friday is a huge deal and I want it to be here and gone.

3. Cyber Monday is just as big in my industry and I want that to be here and gone as well.

4. The week after Thanksgiving is when I am going to Vegas and BOY do I need it.

5. When I get back from Vegas, it is only 3 weeks until I have the week between Christmas and New Years off.

6. After that, I don’t have to blog every day anymore.

Ok, so number 6 isn’t really as whiny as it sounds. I really do enjoy blogging, I am just in a slump lately I think. It is getting harder and harder to do every night. Ok, enough of that and on to Vegas … in 2 weeks.

I mowed the lawn for the last time today. I also tried to run the mower and sow blower out of gas so I can change oil and lube and all that good stuff to get ready for the season. There are so many things I need to start getting done so that I can get other stuff done in prep for Tori’s little brother. Oh yeah, did I mention we found out we are having a boy? O can’t remember if I did or not … but we are.

We also took Piper to the vet today. SHe has been licking at some sores on her feet and they keep getting bigger and bigger. They are like big cysts. They aspirated them and took some cell samples to send out to be checked. Piper did great. She screamed a little but me helping hold her I think helped. The only bad part of that is that Piper also has a yeasty ear infection and when I was holding her, my nose was buried in her smelly ear. Blech. Anyway, we find out like Wednesday if the cells are just inflamed or if it is something more serious we have to deal with. Hopefully not.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day so have a great night all.


2 Responses to “Is It Thanksgiving Yet?”

  1. A boy!! Yay!
    If you did mention it, I missed it. I thought it was a boy, anyway.

  2. I hope you don’t get a yeast infection in your nose!

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