Poor Piper

Piper has been chewing and licking her paws lately. So much so that she has some large sores on them. We are taking her to the vet this weekend for some antibiotics and to make sure she also doesn’t have an ear infection. Yeah, Piper and I are around the same age comparatively and we are both falling apart. We have a feeling that the vet is going to put a cone on Piper. We have tried bandaging, orange bitters all of the things to try first. No luck. We decided that if Piper is goign to have to be a cone head, then we were going to be the ones to give her her first cone. She looks so confused.

We love our Piper and hated putting this on her but, we want her to get used to it and maybe this will actually help her heal. The up side is the entertainment. Piper is a big dog. Because Piper is a big dog, she needs a big cone. Because she has a big cone, she gets caught on everything and she actually tripped on it going up the stairs. Jackie was laughing hysterically. I had to tell her she was going to wake Tori up. Usually she tells me that.

Hopefully everything will go well Saturday.


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