Burn Out

My posts lately have been a little lacking in quality and I admit that. It is getting to that point again where I am getting a little burn out. It isn’t 100% of the blog. It is work, home, politics … everything. I am just tired I think. Part of it also is that I saved all of my vacation for the end of the year. Not a great idea. I will have to re-think that next year. All I know is that I can’t wait until Vegas in a few weeks. WOOHOO!

Speaking of politics, if Cain would have just said he did what he did, it would have been over and I wouldn’t have to hear about this crap on the radio every hour. He should have just done what Quagmire Clinton did and just admit it.


My street has Halloween lights still up on one of the houses. Another house has all their Christmas lights up and on already. It is like the Nightmare Before Christmas on my street!




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