The Trifecta Of Death

Lately celebs have been dying off one at a time taking the fun out of the “die in threes” death guesses. The last few days have given us a trifecta however. The other day Andy Rooney died. Last night, Smokin’ Joe Frazier. Today, apparently Heavy D died. I am not really sure who Heavy D is other than a rapper but, he must be famous if it made the news. I have had enough trouble on my death watch lists guessing one person much less 3. I wouldn’t even try to string those together. I am not really sure of anyone who has picked a threesome like that ever. Ok, sorry I phrased it like that. It just kinda weirded me out too.

Anyhoo, what was I saying? Ahhh the good old mindless babbling how I have missed you. Already three popular deaths and we are still almost a full month away from the next death watch update.

Let’s see if Tori can not have a meltdown tomorrow when I drop her off at daycare.


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