Did Someone Say Vacation?

I did. Booked my flight to go to Vegas in a few weeks. Jackie has a conference in Vegas the week after Thanksgiving. I am going to join her this year. We get to stay at the MGM. We only have to pay for my flight because the hotel is for her conference. I don’t know what I am going to do all day when she is in her conference. I will be touristy. I don’t want to gamble a lot. I have a few weeks to figure it out. I will let you all know. I will take pictures … maybe. Ironically, I just saw a commercial for Vegas that said no pictures because of the whole what happens here stays here.

The kicked Robert Irvine off of Next Iron Chef. REALLY? I had him pegged as being in the finals. I guess I better not gamble at all when I go to Vegas.


One Response to “Did Someone Say Vacation?”

  1. Awesome!
    Take pics, anyway. Vegas is all about humiliation.
    Oh! And fun. And gambling. And hookers.

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