I Am Taking Up A Collection

Over the years, I have started to have a tough time thinking of things that I need, or even want for that matter, for Christmas. I like to feel that I am now grown up, and I feel odd asking for clothes or or things that I don’t need or want, just to ask for something. This year, I actually know what I want for Christmas. There are only a few things but unfortunately, they are larger ticket items. When this kind of list comes along in my mind, I feel a little guilty. Not too guilty of course.

This year, I have my list. It is a simple list. It was a longer list but, I took one thing off my list because now I can just use my phone for a GPS. What is left? Basically 2 things. A Banjo and a Muppet Whatnot. Strangely enough, both items are sort of related.

I want a banjo so I can learn how to play and sing “The Rainbow Connection” to Tori and her future little … (we know what we’re having but Jackie won’t let me say until she says on her Facebook page because of course nothing is official until it is on Facebook). I don’t know how to play one note on a banjo, but I think it would be fun to learn. I also want to play dueling banjos so I can go into the back of the room when Tori’s godfather is playing a show with his brother and just start playing it. It would be funny. Especially if I don’t play it that well.

The second thing, the Whatnot, is obviously Muppet related. They are semi-custom made Muppets that you can order. YES! A Muppet of my very own! They are from FAO/Toys R Us so on the website where you order them they are $100. Bummer. I really can’t see spending that much right now. I found out however, that they have not so custom ones in the FAO isle at Toys R Us for only $60!! Jackie still doesn’t think that is a wise investment. She can’t understand why I would need my own Muppet. Of course, this would all be a moot point if I already knew how to puppeteer and could just get a job as a REAL Muppet.

That brings me to the title of today’s post. I need to start to take up a collection for my banjo and my Muppet since Jackie thinks it is folly. My other option is to get a second job at lunch so that Jackie doesn’t find out I am making money to buy a Muppet. Of course, if anyone wants to contribute to my Muppetdom, I would not be opposed to that. Until then, I will have to start thinking of a new Christmas list. Maybe this is the year for underwear and socks?


3 Responses to “I Am Taking Up A Collection”

  1. I play dueling banjos on the ukulele and it sounds pretty awesome … could be a good fall back if you can’t scrounge the $$. Good luck!

  2. My needs are simple. I just want cash, cold hard cash.

  3. OMG! I have never seen the Muppet Whatnot! I am totally addicted now! Thanks for the tip!

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