To Eat or Not To Eat

And so far, it is still not to eat. I thought that it was food poisoning from the Penny Road pub $1 lunch special burger. It may not have been. It may have just been timing. Jackie is sick, her dad is sick … and a lot of other people we know are sick. A virus going around. Ugh.

Even when I had the flu, I have never had every muscle in my body hurt as once like they do now. I felt better today but not 100%. I pushed it and went to work. I probably shouldn’t have. I really need to eat. I have had a little applesauce and a piece of bread. That is all I had since I lost my lunch yesterday. Fortunately, Tori is good. She is probably the one that got us sick. Those wonderful daycare germs. I’ll be more interesting soon. Hopefully.

Stay tuned.


One Response to “To Eat or Not To Eat”

  1. Great -now you probably gave me your germs.

    Get better soon!

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