Why Can’t I?

Today some sad, sad news came out. Kim Kardashian and that guy that she pretended to marry 72 days ago, are getting a Hollywood divorce. Why is this news? Well, it means the E! network will be losing a bit of money because they are losing a reality show … for now. I am sure they will have “Kim & Kourtney Have a Threesome” or some other idiotic show like that. They will surely broadcast her next wedding, and probably the divorce. Either way, Joel McHale will have plenty of fodder for The Soup.

This whole thing got me thinking. Why exactly are the Kardashians famous? Are ALL of them famous because of Kim’s sex tape? I know someone, somewhere was married to some lawyer or something, and now Kris is married to Plastic Man … I mean Bruce Jenner. Other than that, all they do, as far as I can tell, is put their name on clothes and stuff. I can put my name on clothes and stuff.

The way I look at it, if someone like them can have a reality show that has absolutely no redeeming value, then so can I. In fact, I have spent minutes of my free time and at least $5 of my own money to put together a pilot for the networks. I think that it has just as good a chance as any other show. The SP/FX on my show rival Terra Nova! You know what, because all of you have been faithful readers for so long, I am going to give you all a sneak peek at my new reality show … Untitled. I asked Tori for a name but all I got was “juice”. Everyone enjoy and watch your local listings for when this will be on the air … somewhere.Now I will be famous for being famous too!


5 Responses to “Why Can’t I?”

  1. It says your video has been removed!
    Still better than the Kardashians.
    Happy Halloween!

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  3. Like I said – still better than the Kardashians!!

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