The Party’s Over

It has been a great year. I am sad to say that the fun is ending. Since day one, Tori has eaten just about everything that was put in front of her. Fromm booby to ziti, she hasn’t turned her nose up at anything … until recently. All of a sudden she has started to take after her mother and has decided to be a picky eater. I am sure it is just a phase. I am convinced that she is going to enjoy food as much as I do. I was not happy that she kept spitting out her chicken and mashed potatoes. I am hoping it is because it was too bland. I want Tori to get used to seasonings and like the varied tastes of seasonings and spices. Right now though she is just getting over a cold and I am not ready to give her anything that has even the slightest bit of seasoning or spice. If anyone thinks I am nuts, you come change her.

Anyhoo, between the picky eating phase, and thinking “no” is the funniest word on the planet, I think I am going to start thinking that she is not so cute at times. Oh who am I kidding? How can you think that this is not cute at ANY time!!

I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille


One Response to “The Party’s Over”

  1. Yep – when they’re younger, they happily gulp down anything. Gilda wouldn’t eat meat of ANY kind for years- I had to trick her into it (but funnily enough, she loved our local Skyline chili, so we ate it a lot). I’ll tell you this, though – don’t fight with her on food. It really isn’t worth it. Let her eat all the blueberries and cheese she wants – eventually, she’ll eat other things. She won’t be crazy picky forever. (P.S.- My husband thinks I’m a picky eater, too – even though I eat WAY more shit than he does.) It’s always good to expose her to stuff, but getting yourself worked up over it only frustrates everyone.

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