No Nightmare On My Street

It is the Halloween season. I haven’t decorated or anything but, I did decide tonight that I was going to watch the new A Nightmare on Elm Street while Jackie was watching The Sing Off. I DVRed it earlier this month. (We got a free month of HBO and Starz for a very minor Comcast mis-step. I am not arguing though)I kow I am behind on this version but what the hey.

Anyway, I was expecting it to be a real gore fest given that the original was pretty darn gory for when it came out. I was VERY UN-impressed. I am glad I didn’t have high hopes for this version. I knew that I was not going to like the Freddy character because it wasn’t Robert Englund. I forgot who was playing Freddy and when I realized who it was, I could not see Freddy at all. All I could see was “Moocher” in Breaking Away or “Guerrero” in Human Target.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like Jackie Earle Haley as an actor. But Freddy Krueger he just does not make. Freddy is an iconic character and a 5 and a half foot tall man just doesn’t do it. His facial structure also did not add to the horror or the Freddy face.

I was not fond of what they did with the story line. They modified it just enough to make it not the same story and it took a little away from the “supernatural” part that was part of the first franchise. He was just a normal guy who was a pedophile. It was against the children and not against the parents. Well, sort of.

The characters of the teenagers were not cast well, at least I didn’t think so. Heather Langenkamp’s Nancy was a much stronger person than the shy goofy odd ball girl in the new one. Plus, no Johnny Depp!

It wasn’t even scary. I like a good fright. I don’t think Jackie would even be scared at this. It was kind of like Freddy PG.

All in all I give this a thumbs down, 2 stars, and a D.

Fever is finally gone for both me AND Tori. Let’s see if it can stay gone all night and into tomorrow.


2 Responses to “No Nightmare On My Street”

  1. Sounds lame. Yet again, another movie that just didn’t need to be remade. Fucking Hollywood and their noncreative asses…

  2. Glad I haven’t seen it then.

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