I Am A Male …

Which means that when Tori gave me her cold, I became a wuss. Everyone knows that men are useless when they are sick. I am no exception. Tori has had a fever for the last few days. She has been handling it like a champ. You really can’t tell she has one unless you feel her head or take her temp. Me, my temp hit fever status and my almost 5 month pregnant wife is more of a man than I am.

Tori even did the dishes for me. Ok, I am exaggerating a little bit. I AM a total worthless pile of sick when I am sick though. burning eyes, achy muscles and with the current cold and rainy weather … my knee is ready to be ripped from my leg. I am not asking for sympathy because I know how much of a wimp I am. I just hope that Jackie and Tori can put up with me the rest of the weekend.


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