I Want My Share

I was listening to some songs from the 70s today. I realized that the song “Afternoon Delight” bears a striking resemblance to a song I wrote when I was 5 called “Tuna Fish In Flight”. It is actually only 3 notes that are the same and they aren’t even together in the song. Can I still sue for plagiarism after this long? Can I still claim that I am still sane after only a few hours of sleep last night? Can I be sure that everything I type is what I wanted because I forgot to turn of the auto spell on my iPod that I am typing this on right now? Will Jessica and Mary ever find out Benson got his own show?
For the answers to these and other questions tune in to the next episode of … SOAP?

5 Responses to “I Want My Share”

  1. Good luck with that lawsuit!
    SOAP – I loved that show!

  2. Answers:
    1) Yes, you can sue for anything you want, but that doesn’t mean you’ll win.
    2) I’m not sure; could you claim you were sane before last night?
    3) Auto spell wouldn’t have caught the only error I see, because the words are spelled correctly, but used incorrectly.
    4) I think Jessica found out, because I think she might have had a cameo, visiting her brother (the governor, Benson’s boss).
    5) Yes, please, I’d love to tune into the next episode!

    • Crap, one of my answers did the same thing — all words spelled correctly, but used incorrectly. Serves me right for being a smaty-pants word nerd….

    • I am not expecting to win, just cheap publicity. I don’t think I can claim I was sane before. I love incorrectly used words. (not really, that is just me typing tired) And I think I remember the episode of Benson you are talking about. I was always hoping the general would cameo.

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