Six Degrees Of Awesomeness

So, I was finishing my Jimmy John’s sandwich while perusing a few articles on the interweb today. I was reading a comparison of the old Footloose movie to the new one. They were talking about the different social stuff at the time and what movies were watched ad nauseum, yada yada yada. They also were talkign about the songs that were made popular by the movie. Once that happened, I had Holding Out for a Hero stuck in my head.

I went to a co-workers office to share in this pain that I had been suffering for the last hour or so. I found out he had no idea that they were making a re-make. Then, I found out another co-worker had not even seen the original Footloose. I couldn’t believe that she had not seen a movie that has one of the greatest actors of all time … Kevin Bacon. We started discussing this fact and we came to the realization that there are two greatest actors of our time. Kevin Bacon and Johnny Depp.

Both actors are really good and they are both pretty humble. They both make fun of themselves and don’t take themselves too seriously. I came up with the thought that we need a movie that stars both Depp and Bacon. Benny and Joon meets Tremors. Hollow Man meets Chocolat.  You get the idea. That would be the best movie ever. Not only that, but it would go down to 1 degree of separation.

I got some crazy ideas in this brain of mine, but that is the only one for today. I need to get back to my endless hours of Apple product updates.

Until next time, remember … “This valley is just one long smorgasbord.”


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