A Few Bits And Bites

I just didn’t want to copy the name of another blog. So, we have bits and bites from my brain.

Jackie is watching The Sing Off. Nick Lachey … is a douche, moron, idiot, jerk wad, dumb ass. His writers should be fired. If he is making up his own jokes, then he should be shot.

Hank Williams Jr. Ok, So you are allowed to think what you want and even say what you want. You shouldn’t say it on national television and then expect nothing to happen. Furthermore, don’t say that it was YOUR idea to pull your song, and then make a song criticizing the 2 networks because they fired you for exercising your free speech.  Oh yeah, and don’t do your interview drunk. Dumb Ass.

Cancelled TV Shows – Playboy Club, How to Be a Gentleman, Free Agents and the one show I might have gone on, H8R are all gone now. I never had a chance to comment on how bad any of these shows are were. Apparently, everyone else did. Now if we can just get some shows out of here that lower the collective I.Q. of the country then we would be better off. I recommend: Bad Girls Club, Gossip Girl, Nancy Grace and anything with Tyra Banks for starters.

Apple is coming out with a new OS so that they can know everything that you are downloading and saving. Let’s just hope that the “cloud” doesn’t start raining and giving out private information like Paris Hilton’s sidekick.

Speaking of Apple, I broke down and got an iPhone Friday. It turned out with upgrade bonuses and what not that 2 iPhones (one for me and one for Jackie) was cheaper than the one Droid Bionic that I wanted. Honestly though, I don’t think I would ever use half the features of the Bionic. Probably won’t use them on the iPhone either but … what the hell right?

Tori is now 1. She is too cute and already too smart. I am in big trouble. She is now mimicking just about everything. I have to start watching my road rage when she in in the car. She already is repeating me as seen in this video …


4 Responses to “A Few Bits And Bites”

  1. Hahaha – she is sooo, so cute!

  2. That’s so adorable. If that’s the worse thing you say, you should be fine!

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